Ionoplast interlayer film

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Ionoplast interlayer film is composed of a tough plastic interlayer composite that is laminated between two layers of tempered glass. It extends the performance of laminated glass beyond current technologies as the interlayer offers five times the tear strength and 100 times the rigidity of the more conventional PVB interlayer.

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Ionoplast interlayr film technology breaks the foreign monopoly of high strength ionoplast interlayer material for laminated safety glass, and promoting the development of the whole laminated glass industry.

It is made of ethylene and methacrylate ion copolymer, containing about 1% metallic sodium ion. Five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. With this kind of strength the glass can be a more active structural element in the constructions, opening up design possibilities that didn't exist before. Besides its strength, the ionoplast interlayer retains excellent optical and visual performance even after years of outdoor exposure.  Ionoplast interlayer film is much less vulnerable to moisture exposure or yellowing over time. It is the research achievements to meet the growing market demand for security, safety, durability, aesthetics, edge stability and other aspects of laminated glass, especially in the application like hurricane glazing, glass bridge, facades, overhead glazing ,etc.

• Stiffness: 100 times stiffer of conventional interlayer materials
• Tearing strength: 5 times stronger of conventional interlayer materials
• Excellent optical and visual performance
• Yellowish index(YI): <1.5
• Outstanding durability after UV radiation
• High edge stability, Good compatibility with silicon.
 Product advantages
1. Tearing strength : 5 times stronger than conventional interlayer material .
2. Stiffness: 100 times stiffer than conventional interlayer material.
3. The load-bearing of laminated glass made from Ionoplast interlayer film is twice stronger than made from PVB interlayer at same thickness combination.
4. The deflection of laminated glass made fromIonoplast interlayer film is only 1/4 of laminated glass made from PVB under the same thickness and load.
5. The stress and deflection of laminated glass made from Ionoplast interlayer film are essentially same as monolithic glass at same thickness, while the laminated glass made from PVB are much greater.
6. Reduction of glass thickness, and the glass weight could be reduced by 40%.
7. Suitable for open edge development and design.
8. Reduction the number of fixing points for frameless glazing , make design more innovative and diversification .
Storage conditions
Ionoplast interlayer film should be stored at room temperature with original sealing vacuum moistureproof packing. It is recommended use material within 24months from the date of production to avoid the decline of adhesion. Please properly seal and pack unused materials and store them in cool place to prevent the material from being exposed to the environment and absorbing moisture, which may resulting in adhesion reduced.Control the moisture of material not over 0.2%, Otherwise the adhesion may go down and have bubbles during laminating. It is also recommended that testing the moisture content and the adhesion property of Ionoplast interlayer film before production if it has been stored for a long time from the production date. If the moisture content exceeds 0.2%, it is not recommended to use.

Technical Data

  Item Test Method Safeglas ™ MG
Physicial Roll Length   50-100 m
Max.Width   2400 mm
Thickness Micrometer 0.76-1.52 mm
Specific Gravity ASTM792 0.93-0.98 g/cm3
Hardness(1.52mm) ASTMD2240  65 Shore D
Mechanical Elongation at Break ASTMD683 ≧ 300%
Young modulus ASTMD683 >300 Mpa
Shear modulus ASTMD683 42.7 N/mm2
Bending modulus ASTMD683 345 Mpa(23 ℃)
Shear strength ASTMD683 50 MJ/m2
Tensile strength ASTMD683 ≧ 30 Mpa
Thermal Coeffcient of thermal expansion ASTMD831 10-15*103cm/cm ℃
Thermal deflection temperature ASTMD831 40 ℃
Melt point ASTMD831 94 ℃
Flash point ADTMD1929 470 ℃
Optical YI JC/T2166-2013 <15%
Refractive Index JC/T2166-2013 1.5%(20  ℃)
Light Transmittance JC/T2166-2013 90.2 % (0.76mm)
Haza JC/T2166-2013 <0.5 % (0.76mm)
UV filtering JC/T2166-2013 >99 %  (380nm)

Product Specifications

Thickness (mm) Max.Width (mm) Length(m)  Packing 
0.76/0.89/1.14 2400 100 Inside: Tinfoil vacuum Outside: Plywood case
1.52  50
Application: Facades, Hurrican Glazing,  Sunroom Glazing, Jumbo Glass, etc.

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