Hot melt glue machine (Insulated glass equipment)

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The hot melt glue Machine is an equipment specially used for hot melt adhesive coating. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high reliability. Hot melt glue dispensing machine consists of heating device, glue gun, glue pump, glue dispensing device, control system, etc. The heating device is the core part of the entire equipment. It can heat the hot melt adhesive to a certain temperature to make it have better fluidity. The glue gun and glue pump transport the heated hot melt glue to the gluing device. The gluing device usually consists of a rotating shaft and multiple gluing heads. The rotating shaft drives the gluing heads to rotate to achieve hot melt glue dispensing. Spread evenly. The control system can accurately control the temperature, pressure, speed, etc. of the equipment to ensure the stability and accuracy of coating.

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 The hot melt glue machine is a special equipment for producing hot melt glue type insulating glass. It is small in size, light in weight, flexible and simple to operate, and is suitable for on-site application.  

Technical Data            

Item Data
Power Supply 380V or Customized
Total Power    11KW
Glue Tank Capacity 40kg
Glue Output Speed 0-2kg/min
Gross Weight 200kg
Hot melt rubber Machine Size 1050mm*720mm*1050mm
Working Table Size 2200mm*1200mm*1800mm
Packing size 1100mm*850mm*1200mm2200mm*1200mm*300mm

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